HARUHANA Benifuki tea bag green tea 3g×25p

Benifuuki is a tea that contains a lot of polyphenols called "methylated catechin"!
Studies have shown that this "methylated catechin" has the effect of suppressing the release of histamine (which causes various symptoms due to allergies)!

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HARUHANA Benifuki Powdered Green Tea 50g

We made Benifuuki powder, which is effective against allergies!
In addition to being able to take in the whole Benifuuki nourishment that you can't normally get, you can also take in the "methylated catechin" that is unique to Benifuuki, so it's twice as delicious!
How about Benifuuki Powder?

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2023 new tea limited first day picking deep steamed sencha tea leaves

Speaking of spring, cherry blossoms, dumplings, and a cup of new tea...
yes! It's time for fresh tea! The Mizutama Farm Tea Factory is also open for fresh tea reservations!
The taste changes so much just by changing the harvest time! ?
Please try to taste and experience such a surprise!

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Limited special steamed finest Hojicha 60g

I can't go back to any other hojicha.
This "Limited Special Steamed Gokujo Hojicha" is made using first-class tea.
How about a fragrant and delicious roasted tea?

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