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2023 new tea limited first day hand-picked deep steamed sencha tea leaves

PRODUCT TYPE: Tea leaves (leaf)

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2023 new tea sales have started

We only use tea leaves that are carefully picked by hand by skilled pickers on the first day of the first tea.

Only the buds with good bud uniformity are carefully selected, which can only be done by picking by hand and eye, so uniform and even tea production is possible, and the color, taste and aroma are finished in first-class products.

"Add nothing, subtract nothing"
In order to allow customers to fully enjoy Makinohara's deep-steamed sencha, we do not dare to blend it with other tea season teas.
In addition, it is "100% genuine Makinohara deep-steamed sencha" that is finished without removing sticks or powdered tea.

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[Product description] Fresh tea from Mizutama Farm Tea Factory First day hand-picked
Hand-picked deep-steamed tea 100g Shizuoka tea leaves Each bud is carefully picked with your fingertips.

Now that machine picking is the mainstream, we dare to stick to hand picking. In modern times with advanced technology, most of the picking is done by machine. Most of our tea is picked mechanically. Why stick to hand-picking because the production volume is falling? It is in "taste" and "appearance". Hand-picking, which picks each bud while watching the state of the new buds, has almost no old leaves that tend to be mixed with mechanical picking.
Old leaves are degraded leaves that hide behind the soft new shoots, and if they are mixed in during processing, the flavor will be lost. Hand-picking leaves are of high quality in terms of color, aroma, and aftertaste. Even in Shizuoka, the home of tea, there are fewer tea gardens that continue to hand-pick. Precious hand-picked fresh leaves are carefully processed to the end in our own factory to create high-quality tea leaves that maintain their quality.
There is tea that is born only because it is picked by hand. High expectations for nutritional value. Antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-obesity, etc. Anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-obesity, etc. There are high expectations for tea in terms of "suppressing", "alleviating", and "preventing", and various effects can be expected from its nutritional components. Hand-picked green tea is perfect for those who want to consume tea efficiently. "Caffeine" "Catechin" "Theanine" "Vitamin C" "Saponin" Hand-picked tea leaves are very little damaged at the stage of picking, and the nutrients of tea leaves that are easy to flow out remain. By carefully processing this tea using the deep steaming method unique to Shizuoka Prefecture, you can enjoy a rich aroma and beautiful light blue tea.
Thick tea leaves with high nutritional value Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture This tea is carefully steamed for about twice as long as regular sencha, and is called deep steamed tea. Since the heat is sufficiently transferred to the inside of the tea leaves, the shape of the tea leaves becomes powdery. Only 1st tea is carefully selected when it is freshly picked and soft. The first 1st tea, which stores plenty of nutrients while dormant in an environment with excellent sunshine hours, rainfall, and a warm environment, is so nutritious that it is useful as a lucky charm for perpetual youth and longevity. It is rich in umami and has excellent sweetness. Deep-steamed tea made from first-grade tea leaves with soft leaves can be extracted with hot water at a lower temperature to enjoy a mellow and deep-flavored tea. Antioxidant Catechin Polyphenol Calming Theanine Amino acid Metabolism UP Caffeine Organic salts Antioxidant Vitamins Organic compounds Metabolism UP Mineral five major nutrients
Even if you don't usually drink tea, you can "see, touch, smell, and drink" the difference in picking days. We want you to enjoy the freshest tea leaves, and our dedicated craftsmen have painstakingly finished them. The refreshing scent and round taste of the fresh young leaves unique to this season are truly exceptional. In Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, the home of tea, the expert pasteurization of tea gardens that has continued since 1912 does not spoil the flavor of first-class tea.
A tea professional introduces how to brew delicious tea! Are you hot? Or ICE? Catechin, which is famous as an active ingredient, and caffeine, which is ideal for waking up in the morning, are extracted firmly. It warms you from the inside. When made with cold water, the extraction of catechins and caffeine, which are the sources of astringency and bitterness, is suppressed, and the sweetness stands out. How to make HOT Tea leaves…5g Hot water…80℃/300ml Time…30 seconds How to make ICE Tea leaves…5g Water…normal temperature/500ml Time…1 hour
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2023 new tea limited first day hand-picked deep steamed sencha tea leaves

2023 new tea limited first day hand-picked deep steamed sencha tea leaves

$26.00 from$16.00