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Goku Goku Sukkiri Japanese Black Tea Tea Bag 2g×100p



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Name Japanese black tea tea bag Ingredient name Tea (domestic)

Contents 2g x 100 Expiration date Separately stated on the product label Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory Marushin Shibamoto Tea Co., Ltd. 262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Nitrogen filling/optimal temperature storage

[Product description] GOKUGOKU selectable Goku Goku refreshing
GOKUGOKU Refreshing Japanese black tea 100 tea bags
4 recommended points 100% made in Shizuoka Prefecture Safe and secure Large-capacity deals Various ways to drink

Uses Yabukita tea from Shizuoka Speaking of general black tea, most of them are produced in India and China, but Goku Goku Sukkiri Japanese Black Tea is a purely domestic Japanese black tea that uses Yabukita tea from Makino, Shizuoka Prefecture. . Tea leaves grown in the climate and natural features of Japan have less peculiarities and astringency than foreign tea leaves, and are characterized by a gentle sweetness. In addition, since it has a clean taste, it is a black tea that can be enjoyed by people of all ages regardless of age.
We are striving for safety and security at organic JAS / JGAP certified factories. At Mizutama Farm, we aim to create an organic farm in order to deliver products that all customers can drink with peace of mind. We also conduct annual inspections for residual pesticides and radioactivity, and only use tea leaves that have been proven to be safe. In addition, the harvested tea leaves are carefully processed in our own factory that has acquired organic JAS / JGAP certification. “Delicious” and “safe” are our motto, and we aim to be a tea shop that serves as a bridge to make tea a more familiar drink. *Organic JAS = Factories that meet production process standards for organic processed foods *JGAP = Factories that meet legal standards related to food safety, environmental conservation, and occupational safety While resources are used, Mizutama Farm's tea bags use natural materials such as corn. There is no need to worry about harmful substances such as plastic particles leaching out into the hot water, and it has also passed the food and additive standards of the Food Sanitation Act. Also, there is no need to worry about GMO (genetically modified crops). It is an environmentally friendly tea bag that returns to the soil without causing environmental pollution when discarded.
Triangular shape makes it easy to extract Compared to square tea bags, triangular tea bags create a space inside, allowing the tea leaves to spread out and the aroma and taste to come out more easily. The tea leaves are also cut so that they can be fully extracted. Since there is no string, you can put it in your own bottle as it is, so it is very convenient! "The triangular shape was more strongly extracted."
It's a good deal and you can drink it every day. Compared to 500ml plastic bottle tea, it's affordable and affordable at 10 yen per pack! We want you to drink a lot, so we have a large capacity of 100 packets. Just put it in your bottle, mug, or teapot! It's easy to get rid of! Comes with a convenient zipper, so it is convenient to store without losing flavor. Delicious hot or cold "HOT" My Bottle Put one tea bag in and pour about 400ml of hot water and wait about 10 minutes before drinking. Two if you want a strong drink. Pour 200ml of hot water into the teapot, mug, and tea bag, wait 3 minutes, and then drink. Two if you want a strong drink. "COLD" My Bottle/Mizudashi Put 2 tea bags and pour about 500ml of water and wait about 60 minutes before drinking. "It's not bitter, so you don't have to take out the tea bag."
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Goku Goku Sukkiri Japanese Black Tea Tea Bag 2g×100p

Goku Goku Sukkiri Japanese Black Tea Tea Bag 2g×100p