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Deep steamed tea for cold brew 5g×20p Fresh tea 2023


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1 bag

One is a standard for water of 500 ml to 1 L.
Please enjoy with your favorite thickness
Enjoy it in plastic bottles, water bottles, bottles in the refrigerator, etc.

*It takes time to extract because the water temperature is low ^ ^
Please wait for a while after putting it in, not just before drinking ^ ^

Description of item

Name Cold brew deep steamed sencha Tea bag Ingredient name Green tea (domestic)

Contents 5g x 20 Expiration date Separately stated on the product label Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory Marushin Shibamoto Tea Co., Ltd. 262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Nitrogen filling/optimal temperature storage

【Description of item】 Cold brew green tea tea bags 50 pieces
Eco-friendly tea bag series The tea bags at Mizutama Farm Tea Factory are made from plant-derived tea bags made from corn. It is a completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly material.
Cold brew green tea POINT01 Taste of deep-steamed tea Refreshing aftertaste You can enjoy the rich flavor and richness of deep-steamed tea and the bright green color of matcha. Refreshing sweetness is brought out when you put it in water. "Blended exclusively for cold brew"
POINT02 100% Shizuoka blend A blend of 100% Shizuoka-produced green tea, which is a blend of Makinohara's first deep-steamed tea, stem tea, and powdered green tea.
POINT03 Cold-brewed tea blended by a skilled tea master Even though it is cold brewed, it has a strong aroma and the umami of tea.
Fukamushicha By steaming the tea leaves 3 to 4 times longer than regular sencha, the heat penetrates to the core of the tea leaves and breaks down the tissue, resulting in a full-bodied tea.
Kukicha Stems contain less catechin, which is an astringent component, than leaves, and are rich in umami and sweetener theanine. Therefore, it has a refreshing taste with little miscellaneous taste.
Matcha & powdered tea By blending two types of powders with different characteristics, we add umami and richness. Since it is finely pulverized with a ball mill, it has a mild finish even when brewed with cold water.
plenty! 50 tea bags With 50 tea bags, you can drink a lot every day. You can make tea just by popping it into your own bottle, mug, or teapot. You can make 1000ml with one!
How to drink tea bag tea Put one "HOT" tea bag in a bottle, pour 500ml of hot water and let it brew for about 1 minute before drinking. Put 1 "ICE" tea bag in the bottle, pour 1000ml of water, and let it brew in the refrigerator for about 1 hour before drinking.
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Deep steamed tea for cold brew 5g×20p Fresh tea 2023

Deep steamed tea for cold brew 5g×20p Fresh tea 2023

Dhs. 17.00
1 bag