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HARUHANA Benifuki Powdered Green Tea 50g


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"Benifuuki green tea" (powder) will be sent directly from tea farmers and tea factories in Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture, one of Japan's leading tea producers!

This is "100% genuine Makinohara Benifuuki green tea" that is not blended with tea from other regions or other tea seasons because it is not sold to tea wholesalers!

Quality and price that can only be achieved by a tea farmer ^ ^

"Benifuuki" is a variety that contains a lot of methylated catechins.

It is said that it is better to drink frequently than to drink a lot at once.

A green tea that allows you to enjoy the unique aroma and bitterness of the Benifuuki variety!

Because it is a powdered tea, it is easy to dissolve in water and hot water, and it is easy to brew without used tea leaves.

Furthermore, you can ingest water-insoluble ingredients that cannot be ingested in sencha that is extracted and brewed.

Tea to eat!

for hot

130 cups of 0.3 to 0.4 g of attached spoon

Please mix well and enjoy ^ ^

for ice cream

1 cup of attached spoon 0.5g about 100 cups

It is recommended to shake it in a container with a closed lid, such as a plastic bottle.

The above is a guideline.

Please adjust the thickness according to your taste and enjoy ^ ^


Nitrogen filling/optimal temperature storage


[Product description] Powder additive-free Benifuuki Comfortable during the difficult season
HARUHANA Contains Methylated Catechin No Additives Benifuuki Benifuuki has become a hot topic in recent years as a tea that contains a large amount of polyphenol called "methylated catechin". It has been announced that methylated catechins have the effect of suppressing the release of histamine, which causes various symptoms caused by allergies. It is a breed born in Japan by crossing Assam and Darjeeling. Benihomare Benifuuki pillow cd86
Comfortable in a difficult season It is recommended that you take methylated catechins early in preparation for the itchy season, about two months before pollen begins to appear and unpleasant symptoms in the eyes and nose begin to appear. By taking it early, it has the function of suppressing inflammatory substances such as histamine. Refreshing the early spring Natural ingredients work slowly Unlike medicines, methylated catechins, which are natural ingredients, work slowly, gently and gently. It is eliminated from the body within hours of ingestion. It is recommended to drink every day in the morning and in the afternoon to leave methylated catechins in the body.
point 01 Perfect to accompany a meal or a suit Bitterness and umami with a refreshing aftertaste Benifuuki is a variety of tea that has a unique bitterness, but this tea has less bitterness due to the deep steaming method, making it a mellow tea. This tea is characterized by refreshing bitterness and umami with a refreshing aftertaste.
point 02 Reliable and gentle tea from Mizutama Farm, founded in 1902. This tea is cultivated at the Mizutama Farm tea factory. We work on cultivation without using pesticides as much as possible to create a safe and gentle tea. "Ladybug" eats pests instead of pesticides. The name Mizutama Farm was born from the pattern.
Point 03 Powdered tea with fine particles Whole nutrition Dissolves quickly in water or hot water Because it is a powder with very fine particles, even ingredients that are difficult to dissolve in water can be ingested in its entirety. In addition, there is no used tea leaves, so you can easily make delicious tea and there is no waste.
This product contains methylated catechin, a topical ingredient Anti-allergic polyphenol Methylated catechin is a type of polyphenol contained in tea leaves. Part of the catechin "epigallocatechin gallate" contained in the most common tea leaves undergoes a reaction called methylation, and it is a component that has been shown to have anti-allergic effects. Additive-free Benifuki 100% made in Shizuoka Prefecture with high methylated catechin content Test inspection analysis chart 1.99 g of methylated catechin
Characteristics of methylated catechin Reduces unpleasant eye and nose symptoms! Methylated catechins have the effect of suppressing histamine (the substance that causes stuffy nose, sneezing, eye discomfort, itching, etc.), which is released in allergic symptoms caused by pollen and house dust. Efficiently extract ingredients with hot water! Methylated catechins are characterized by their ability to dissolve easily at high temperatures and their ability to dissolve in water. If you want to take in methylated catechins efficiently, it is effective to extract Benifuuki tea well with boiling water before drinking.
Recommended drinking method HOT Add 1 spoonful of powdered tea and pour 300ml of hot water at your preferred temperature. Please drink after stirring well. Add 1 spoonful of powdered tea that comes with ICE and pour 300ml of water. Please drink after stirring well.
World Green Tea Contest Gold Prize Winning Factory Made by Factory Every year various teas from all over the world gather for this green tea contest that is perfect for cooks. These tea leaves are produced in a tea factory that won a gold medal in 2010. The award was given not only for the quality of tea leaves, but also for the marketability that makes us feel the future of tea. We further refine our quality and deliver safe and high-quality tea.
Strengths of in-house integrated production High quality at a low price Since we do everything from growing and harvesting tea leaves to processing in our factory, we can deliver high quality tea at a low price. *In case of multiple orders, it may be shipped by 2 Nekoposu or courier service. *Delivery method cannot be selected. We will leave it to you. * If it does not fit in the mailbox, there is a possibility that the absence list will be posted. All of the following items are not available. Thank you for your understanding and understanding. ×Gift delivery×Cash on delivery×Date and time designation×Face-to-face personal delivery×Baggage compensation×

HARUHANA Benifuki Powdered Green Tea 50g

HARUHANA Benifuki Powdered Green Tea 50g

Dhs. 17.00
1 bag
3 bag set