Refund policy

About returned goods exchange
■ Please contact us within 8 days of product arrival.

・We will only exchange or collect unopened products.

●If the main body of the delivered product is extremely dirty, damaged, missing, or defective.
The following two items of information are required, so please specify them in your inquiry.

・Detailed explanation of the situation

・A photo showing the problem area, or a screenshot in the case of an application or software

●If the product is returned for personal reasons

・Please note that you are responsible for the return shipping fee.

・Also, please note that we cannot accept returns of perishable items.


About the money-back guarantee system
●Credit card, electronic money

No refund fee (refund fee) will be charged.

● Bank transfer

The transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

●In the case of convenience store payment

A refund fee of 490 yen will be charged by the payment agency (KOMOJU) for each refund.