Decaffeinated roasted tea

A life that is kind to your mind and body


Sannen Bancha

A gentle taste that makes your body happy.


cold brew tea

Goku Goku Refreshing Series

Hana Cha

Flowers and tea meet.

Wonderful Tea

Tea you can drink with your dog


Yuzu's pleasant aroma and ingredients help to relax the body and improve cold and cold symptoms. In particular, soaking in a yuzu bath warms your body, improves blood circulation, and refreshes you...


Year-end and New Year sale underway

In Japan, the winter solstice is the day when the sun is at its lowest point and the daylight hours are the shortest. This day is an important day to enjoy special food and do special events with f...


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Tea you can drink with your dog

wonderful tea

Comparing the taste of first-grade tea

Picking day comparison series

for hydration

Goku Goku Refreshing Series

deeply dark

Deep steamed dark tea series with matcha

before going to bed

Caffeine-free series

easy and safe

Pesticide-free powder series

Special manufacturing method

[Limited] Fermented/deep steamed series

warm from the inside

Onkatsu Komachi Series

whole nutrition

Whole tea leaf nutrition powder series

tea x herb

Herbal tea series

difference in heat

Roasting comparison series

Mizutama Farm

Rough finish series

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