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Limited steam Koikogane tea bag 3.5g×20p


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Description of item

Name Green tea tea bag
Ingredient name Green tea (produced in Shizuoka Prefecture)

Contents 3.5g x 20 pieces
The expiration date is specified separately on the product label.
Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory
Marushin Shibamoto Tea Co., Ltd.
262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Nitrogen filling/optimal temperature storage

[Product description] Limited special steamed Koikogane from Shizuoka prefecture Triangular tea bag type Dark and fragrant early tea leaves Precious high-class tea leaves less than 0.01% of the total harvest of our garden The later it gets and the more sunlight it receives, the more photosynthesis proceeds, the umami component (amino acids) decreases, and the bitterness component (catechin) increases. In addition, chlorophyll increases, and the green color peculiar to green tea increases. Koikogane is picked at the stage of small tea buds, so the tea is golden instead of bright green. If the tea leaves are picked very early before they have fully grown, the yield will be small and it will not be profitable. For this reason, there are very few tea farmers who pick tea at the same time as Koikogane.
Our unique limited special steaming method By steaming the tea more slowly and deeply than usual, we suppress the bitterness and bitterness of the tea leaves and create a flavorful and full-bodied tea. Furthermore, early picking of the first tea is adopted! The rich umami and sweetness of early-picked green tea Tightly concentrated About the origin of Koikogane In order to use the tea buds harvested at the earliest stage of the ichibancha, the golden tea leaves are picked before they turn bright green. Koikogane is steamed deeply to create a rich flavor and aroma.
Both boiling and cold brewing are OK and very convenient. Introduction of delicious brewing method Please prepare one package of this product for one serving. By raising the temperature little by little, you can enjoy delicious tea 3 to 5 times after the second brew. Kinkin ice cold water 500ml Refrigerate slowly for about 1 hour. Since the amount of extraction changes depending on the temperature of the water, please adjust it to your liking and enjoy.
The flavor is different! triangular tea bag. Compared to conventional square tea bags, triangular tea bags have a layer of air between the tea leaves and the bag, so the tea leaves spread like dancing when brewing, making it easier to release the taste and aroma. The tea leaves are also cut to make it easier to extract, so you can enjoy the rich flavor of first-class tea to your heart's content. Also, since there are no strings or tags attached to the tea bags that tend to get in the way, you can easily put them in your mug or your own bottle. With a teapot With your own bottle With a mug You can drink one 500ml bottle for 85 yen!
Energize your day with green tea. The power of green tea to make the rounds. Antioxidants: catechins, polyphenols Calming: theanine, amino acids Metabolism UP: caffeine, organic bases Antioxidants: vitamins, organic compounds Metabolism UP: minerals, five major nutrients My green tea habit, which I continue every morning. Limited special steamed Koikogane from Shizuoka Prefecture Early tea leaves of dark and fragrant first tea *Delivery method cannot be selected. We will leave it to you. * If it does not fit in the mailbox, there is a possibility that the absence list will be posted. All of the following items are not available. Thank you for your understanding and understanding. ×Gift delivery×Cash on delivery×Date and time designation×Face-to-face personal delivery×Baggage compensation×

Limited steam Koikogane tea bag 3.5g×20p

Limited steam Koikogane tea bag 3.5g×20p

Dhs. 53.00
1 bag