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"Non caffeine" Taiyo-san Baby Bancha 5g x 50p



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Name: Hojicha Tea bag Ingredients: Green tea (domestic)

Contents: 250g (5g x 50 pieces)
Expiration date is listed separately on the product label Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory Marushin Shibamoto Seicha Co., Ltd. 262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Nitrogen filling/appropriate temperature storage

[Product Description] Non-caffeine to choose from Onibo Hojicha Baby Bancha Baby Tea 50 tea bags Free shipping A body-friendly caffeine-free tea that moms, babies, and the elderly can safely drink No. 1 in the Rakuten Daily Ranking I am always grateful for your help.
Mama & Baby This is a caffeine-free yet delicious tea that you can safely drink anywhere in addition to breast milk or milk.

Mizutama Farm Tea Factory is dedicated to making tea with tireless effort and love. In order to answer the voices of mothers who say, ``I want to drink delicious tea while pregnant and raising children!'' and ``I want something that is safe for my baby to drink!'', we have created a website for mothers who are pregnant and breastfeeding, as well as their precious babies. We have created a tea that everyone who cares about their health can drink with peace of mind. With the motto of ``deliciousness'' and ``safety'' as a matter of course, we aim to become a tea place that serves as a bridge to make tea a more familiar drink.
Baby Bancha is safe with the 3 0's Caffeine 0 Tea leaves grown in our own well-managed fields are harvested during the period when caffeine is at its lowest, and the caffeine is carefully removed using a unique natural manufacturing method. Only a tea maker who has been working with tea for many years has created a tea that retains the aroma and taste of tea but can be drunk without worrying about caffeine.
Additives 0 Our baby bancha is 100% produced in Makino, Shizuoka Prefecture, and is made in our own factory, where we are proud of our farm, which aims to be an organic farm, and has strict hygiene management. In order to deliver fresh tea without any additives such as preservatives or coloring agents, we make the tea the same day it is picked and package it as soon as possible to preserve its flavor and taste. JGAP, organic JAS certified factory
When babies start weaning food from the age of 0, they no longer get the fluids they used to get through breast milk or formula. Baby bancha is not only good for hydration, but it also contains catechin, which has antibacterial properties, so drinking it after meals can help prevent tooth decay. Since many people are not used to the taste of tea, we recommend diluting it about 5 times as much at first, and diluting it to about 2 times as you get used to it. Moms and dads love it because it makes it very easy to stay hydrated when you go out.
High quality, but at a reasonable price! We produce the highest quality raw materials in-house, from cultivating, picking, tea making, roasting, and sales, which greatly reduces manufacturing costs. By delivering products directly to customers without going through wholesalers or agents, we cut out intermediate margins. We want as many people as possible to drink safe, high-quality Shizuoka tea, so we have prepared it at an affordable price that you can drink every day.
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"Non caffeine" Taiyo-san Baby Bancha 5g x 50p

"Non caffeine" Taiyo-san Baby Bancha 5g x 50p