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"Non-Caffeine" Onibo Hoji 4g x 50p Tea Bag Bohojicha



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*This is a tea bag type. Please be careful not to make a mistake with the leaf type.

We will send "Onibo Hoji" directly from tea farms and tea factories in Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture, one of Japan's leading tea places!

Since it is not sold to tea wholesalers, it is not blended with anything from other regions or other tea seasons.

Quality and price that can only be achieved by a tea farmer ^ ^

Hojicha using tea sticks (100% produced in Shizuoka Prefecture) cultivated by Mizutama Farm Tea Factory.

I collected and roasted the thick and hard sticks of stick tea.

A gentle, caffeine-free tea with a rough, dark appearance and a strong, fragrant aroma.

It is characterized by its roasted aroma, deep brown light blue color, and refreshing taste, which are created at an ultra-high temperature of 250°C.

ーOnibō Hoji tea bag How to drink with hot water or cold brewー

hot water)
My bottle: Pour about 500ml of hot water into one tea bag and wait about 3 minutes before drinking.
When brewing: Place 2 tea bags in about 1 liter of boiling water, wait about 5 minutes, and then drink.
Three if you want to drink thick.

Pour about 500ml of water into one tea bag and wait for about 60 minutes before drinking.
In the case of cold brew, shake your bottle or move the tea bag to extract better.

Adjust the thickness to your liking and enjoy.


Nitrogen filling/optimal temperature storage

[Product Description] Onibou Hojicha Caffeine Free Tea Bag 50P
What is Onibo Hojicha? The thick and hard sticks of stick tea are collected and roasted at an ultra-high temperature of 250℃. Hojicha is characterized by a refreshing taste with a strong fragrant aroma.

Demon Stick Hojicha has been renewed. The "easy to extract" stick has been finely crushed to make it easier to extract (easier to dissolve) in hot or cold water. "Fragrance UP" The roasting method has been improved to further improve the aroma.
ーPOINT 01ーA convenient tea bag that can be simply popped into a pot or my bottle. Uses eco-friendly tea bags made from "corn"
ーPOINU 02ーCaffeine-free A gentle tea with no additives.
ーPOINT 03ーHojicha with little bitterness and many umami ingredients.
-POINT 04- You can drink it all year round because it is delicious hot or cold.
How to drink Onibo Hojicha [HOT] Put one "My Bottle" tea bag, pour about 400ml of hot water and wait about 3 minutes before drinking. If you want a strong drink, add two. "Teapot/Mug" Put one tea bag in it, pour about 300ml of hot water and wait about 3 minutes before drinking. If you want a strong drink, add two. [ICE] Put 2 "My Bottle" tea bags, pour 500ml of hot water, wait for about 1 hour, and drink. "Teapot/Mug" Put one tea bag, pour about 300ml of water and wait for about 1 hour before drinking. [Hojicha Latte] Pour water (80ml) into a pot, bring to a boil, add tea bags and bring to a boil. Add milk (180ml) and sugar to your liking.
-POINT-No need to take out the tea bag as it does not have a bitter taste
"100% Shizuoka Prefecture Makinohara Tea" We use 100% tea leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture Makinohara, which is said to be the best tea place in Japan. This product is not mixed with tea from other regions.
"Factory direct sales" High quality at a low price We can offer high quality tea at a low price because we do everything from raising chaba to processing in the factory.
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"Non-Caffeine" Onibo Hoji 4g x 50p Tea Bag Bohojicha

"Non-Caffeine" Onibo Hoji 4g x 50p Tea Bag Bohojicha