Starting May 1, 2024, delivery will be via "Kuroneko Yu-Packet" instead of the current "Nekopos".
Due to more strict size measurements, some products shipped by mail will no longer be available for sale and the contents will have to be changed.
Thank you for your understanding.
Starting from mid-April, sales will be discontinued and the contents will be changed.
The products covered are as follows:

[Discontinued product]
・Hojicha tea bags (4g x 20)
・100g roasted green tea leaves
・Brown rice tea bags (4g x 30)
・200g brown rice tea leaves

[Product with changed content volume]
・Onibou Hojicha tea bags 50P → 40P
[Products with changed content and packaging]
・Tea grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers 3 types of tea bags 100P → 50P

[Package change product]
・Green tea for cold brewing
Due to these changes, some sales prices will also change.
Please check each product page.

All the staff at the farm will continue to do their best to produce better tea.
We hope to have your continued patronage in the future.