Tea that everyone can drink with peace of mind
Tea that everyone can drink with peace of mind

Japanese agriculture is dominated by the use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
Based on many years of research, Japan's pesticide usage standards have been strictly set to have no effect on the human body.
However, it is also true that allergies and diseases are increasing compared to the times when there were no pesticides.
That's why Mizutama Noen takes on the challenge of making organic tea that everyone can drink with peace of mind.

Aiming for an organic farm
Aiming for an organic farm

Not using pesticides means that many pests will target you.
When I was plagued by the difficulty of going organic, I came across
"Ladybug" eats pests instead of chemical pesticides.
I feel that it is indispensable for our tea making,
As a symbol of aiming to be a complete organic farmer,
The name of the farm was born from the mizutama pattern on its back.
◆ JGAP certificate
◆Organic JAS certification

“Eating” = “Daily Happiness”

We, Mizutama Farm, make food that satisfies the mind and body,
We aim to serve people all over the world.
And don't forget that the essence of the offer is "attention",
We will continue to challenge ourselves to make tea that people want to drink every day at home.

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