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Limited Fermentation Hinomaru Black Tea Tea Bag 3g×20p



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Description of item

Name Japanese black tea
Ingredient name Tea (produced in Shizuoka Prefecture)

Contents 3g x 20p
The expiration date is specified separately on the product label.
Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory
Marushin Shibamoto Tea Co., Ltd.
262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Nitrogen filling/optimal temperature storage

[Product Description] Limited Fermented Hinomaru Black Tea Mizutama Farm Factory Direct Delivery Fermented Domestic Tea Leaves Shizuoka Makinohara Easy Extraction Triangular Tea Bag Type
What is Japanese black tea? Is it delicious? A Japanese black tea made by completely fermenting green tea varieties grown in Japan. It is characterized by a slightly sweet and mellow taste with less bitterness compared to varieties grown for black tea overseas. What is the difference between Hinomaru black tea and other Japanese black tea? The limited fermentation method, which is made by hand through a complicated process, is our specialty technology. While maximizing the gentle taste of Japanese green tea, we carefully process the natural sweetness and beautiful madder color extracted from the tea leaves. Uses 100% Shizuoka Makino tea leaves Cultivation, processing, and packaging are centrally managed No additives such as fragrances are added
Hinomaru tea can be enjoyed deliciously in two ways! You can choose cold or boiled depending on your mood at that time. COLD/Cold brew Approximately 1 hour in the refrigerator 1 serving: 1 bag, 500ml water HOT/Boiled steamed for 2 minutes 1 serving: 1 bag, 300ml hot water Tea that can be cold brewed is actually very valuable. Compared to iced tea that is boiled and then cooled, boiled iced tea must have good quality tea leaves to bring out the good aroma and richness of black tea. Try the cold brew tea that you can drink only because it is Hinomaru tea.
The flavor is different! triangular tea bag. Compared to conventional square tea bags, triangular tea bags have a layer of air between the tea leaves and the bag, so the tea leaves spread like dancing when brewing, making it easier to release the taste and aroma. The tea leaves are also cut to make it easier to extract, so you can enjoy Hinomaru black tea with a deep and fragrant flavor to your heart's content. Also, since there are no strings or tags attached to the tea bags that tend to get in the way, you can easily put them in your mug or your own bottle. With a teapot With your own bottle With a mug You can drink a 500ml bottle for 25 yen!
Your body will rejoice! Introducing rich nutritional ingredients! Oxidatively polymerized W catechin Antioxidant Black tea polyphenol Calming Theanine Amino acid Metabolism up Caffeine Organic bases Antioxidant Vitamins Organic compounds Metabolism up Minerals Five major nutrients Hinomaru black tea is made by fermenting Japanese green tea. Fermentation refers to the process of rubbing the tea leaves to oxidize the catechins contained in the tea leaves. Green tea catechins combine with oxidase to produce dark red black tea polyphenols. Flavorful and easy to drink, Hinomaru Black Tea is a must-have for those who care about their beauty and health. Limited Fermented Hinomaru Black Tea Mizutama Made with Fermented Domestic Tea Leaves
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Limited Fermentation Hinomaru Black Tea Tea Bag 3g×20p

Limited Fermentation Hinomaru Black Tea Tea Bag 3g×20p

1 bag