1. Find products

At the Mizutama Farm Tea Factory, you can search for products in a variety of ways.


・Search by product type

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2.Place an order

The following payment methods are available at Mizutama Farm Tea Factory.

●Credit card payment

● Mobile payment

● Convenience store payment

●Cash on delivery

● Bank transfer (pay later)

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3. Receipt (Delivery)

●Free Shipping At Mizutama Noen Tea Factory, all prices include shipping.

●Regarding changing the delivery address at the time of ordering ・We accept delivery to an address different from the orderer's address.
Please change the "Delivery address" on the order screen and place an order.

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4. About returns and exchanges

Please contact us within 8 days of receiving the product.
We will only exchange or collect unopened products.

●If the product is returned for personal reasons, please note that you will be responsible for the return shipping fee.
Also, please note that we cannot accept returns of perishable items.

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5. Contact us

If you have any comments or questions,
We will use it to improve our products and services in the future.

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