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Roasted Deep Steamed Tea High Fire Roasted Deep Steamed Tea 100g

PRODUCT TYPE: Tea leaves (leaf)


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Description of item

Name Green tea
Ingredient name Green tea (domestic)

Contents 100g
The expiration date is specified separately on the product label.
Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory
Marushin Shibamoto Tea Co., Ltd.
262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

【Description of item】 High heat roasting Roasted deep steamed tea Makinohara, Shizuoka prefecture Mizutama factory direct delivery
I think all green teas taste the same. I know the difference between green tea, black tea, and oolong tea... I want to compare the subtleties of delicate taste once! The taste, the aroma, the aftertaste after drinking... Please feel it in the roasting series. High-heat roasting, medium-heat roasting, and low-heat roasting are performed on tea leaves picked on the same day, and almost all the processes are the same. This is a high-quality ichibancha green tea that can be compared only by the difference in the roasting process. We would like to invite you to try our high-quality roasted green tea made from only pure leaves, with stems, powders, heads, and other parts that cause unpleasant tastes removed.
High-fire roasted deep-steamed tea is a tea with a strong aroma, and is characterized by a deep flavor similar to hojicha. The scent is subdued and slightly sweet.
Ichibanchabe's insatiable "commitment" that allows you to feel the difference in taste even more. Ichibancha, or the fresh leaves that are picked first, contain plenty of amino acids, which are the source of the young aroma, the original freshness of tea, and umami. In order to enjoy this refreshing breath in a wide variety of ways just by roasting, it is packed with secret roasting techniques that have been researched. "Oh, maybe it's quite different?" Ichibancha, Nibancha, Sanbancha...The names vary depending on when the tea is picked, but it goes without saying that Ichibancha is particularly delicious. Roasting is the key to creating a delicious flavor.
Because of its high quality, you can enjoy it both HOT and ICE. "Attaka HOT" 5g per person about 80 degrees 30 seconds "Hinyari ICE" 5g500ml per person about 1 hour We want two generations of parents and children and three generations of grandchildren to enjoy it forever, so we have prepared three types of roasting methods. Please find your favorite flavor.
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Roasted Deep Steamed Tea High Fire Roasted Deep Steamed Tea 100g

Roasted Deep Steamed Tea High Fire Roasted Deep Steamed Tea 100g

1 bag