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Tea Leaf Nutrition "Marugoto" Powdered Genmaicha 225gGENMAI TEA


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Name: Genmaicha Powder Ingredients: Tea (produced in Shizuoka Prefecture), brown rice (produced in Japan)

Contents: 225g
Best before date: Separately stated on the product label

Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity.
Please be careful about the scent.
Please consume immediately after opening.

Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory Marushin Shibamoto Seicha Co., Ltd. 1729-2 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

[Product Description] GENMAI TEA Additive-free powdered brown rice tea Tea leaf nutrition "Whole" large capacity 225g
High-quality Genmaicha made from Ichibancha leaves makinohara band Tea from Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, grown in the sun with plenty of sunlight Regular Genmaicha is made using lower-grade tea leaves, but this powdered Genmaicha is made with "high-quality" tea leaves. We use only "Ichibancha" luxuriously. You can feel the strong assertiveness of green tea. In addition, the ``deep steaming method'', which steams tea for 2 to 3 times longer than usual, produces a full-bodied tea.

A surprisingly unknown fact: Tea leaves contain nutrients. Approximately 70% of the nutrients remain in the tea leaves. Vitamin A Vitamin E Dietary fiber When tea is brewed in a teapot, only about 30% of the nutrients dissolve in the tea leaves. Most nutrients are left behind. This means that you will be throwing away the tea leaves that still have nutrients.
Easy to clean up as there is no waste Powdered tea provides all the nutrients Catechin Dietary fiber Chlorophyll Vitamin Iron Theanine Calcium The nutrients in tea leaves are either water-soluble, which dissolves in hot water or water, and insoluble, which stays in the tea leaves. Powdered brown rice tea allows you to efficiently ingest all of the nutrients that did not dissolve out.
It's more reasonable than commercially available plastic bottles, and you can easily make a lot of tea. Dissolves quickly in water or hot water to easily make tea 300ml My Bottle Powdered Tea 0.5g 450 bottles 200ml Cups Powdered Tea 0.3g-0.4g 750 cups
point01 A fragrant and gentle taste that is perfect for relaxing time A blend of slowly roasted brown rice and green tea with a refreshing bitterness and umami has been created to create a fragrant and gentle taste of brown rice tea. This tea has less caffeine because it contains brown rice. Recommended for family gatherings as it is low in caffeine.
point02 Safe and gentle tea from Mizutama Farm, founded in 1909. This tea is grown at the Mizutama Farm tea factory. We cultivated our tea without using pesticides as much as possible, resulting in a safe and gentle tea. "Ladybugs" eat pests instead of pesticides. The name Mizutama Farm was born from this pattern.
point03 Just mix, you can easily add the nutrition of brown rice tea. Since it is a powder, you can arrange it in many ways. Just mix it with the usual ingredients ♪ Brown rice powder tea x milk Brown rice powder tea x cookies
Recommended way to drink ``HOT'' Add 0.3g to 0.4g (about the size of a teaspoon) of powdered brown rice tea and pour 200ml of hot water at your desired temperature. Stir well before drinking. Put 0.5g of "ICE" powdered brown rice tea into a bottle and pour 300ml of water. Shake well before drinking. It's easy because there are no used tea leaves.
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Tea Leaf Nutrition "Marugoto" Powdered Genmaicha 225gGENMAI TEA

Tea Leaf Nutrition "Marugoto" Powdered Genmaicha 225gGENMAI TEA

$17.00 from$8.00