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Deep steamed dark tea with matcha tea bag Kokuuma blend 2.5g x 100p



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Description of item

Name Green tea tea bag Ingredient name Green tea (domestic), Matcha (domestic)

Contents 2.5g x 100 Expiration date Separately stated on the product label Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory Marushin Shibamoto Tea Co., Ltd. 262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Nitrogen filling/optimal temperature storage

【Description of item】
Deep steamed dark tea bags with matcha 100 tea bags Kabusecha from Shizuoka Prefecture Kokuuma Blend Contains domestically produced matcha with a rich flavor and aroma. Matcha boasts high demand in other countries due to various factors such as its expected health benefits, gorgeous green color, and refreshing sweetness. Fresh leaves are sorted, steamed, dried, and ground into powder. That's why we used 100% high-quality domestic matcha and blended it. A great supporting role in a blend that enhances the flavor of green tea.
Contains Kabusecha with a strong flavor similar to Gyokuro. There are various types of Japanese tea, such as sencha, gyokuro, and genmaicha. Kabusecha, as the name suggests, is grown under a cheesecloth (cloth), and the tea leaves grown in Shizuoka Prefecture under the strong sunlight have less astringency and bitterness, resulting in a green tea with a particularly pronounced sweetness.
Formulated with deep-steamed green tea from Shizuoka prefecture. By steaming the tea more than twice as deeply as regular sencha, the astringency and bitterness are suppressed, and you can enjoy a mellow and rich tea. In addition, since the fibers in the leaves are more broken than regular sencha, the nutrients are easier to leach out. Because it is easy to extract, it is characterized by the fact that the flavor of tea comes out firmly even with cold brew.
Over 100 years of tea business in Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Produced and processed in Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which boasts the largest tea production volume in Japan. It is the most suitable place for tea cultivation because it has one of the best hours of sunshine in Japan and is pleasant to spend time in, thanks to the vast Makinohara tea plantation, and the beautiful scenery overlooking Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay. Centralized management without division of labor eliminates extra costs, so we can offer delicious, high-quality food at reasonable prices.
The golden ratio of deliciousness. A blend of three types that enhance each other's good points. "Fukamushi Sencha" The dark and beautiful light blue color and the astringency and bitterness of the tea leaves create a refreshing aftertaste. “Kabuse Sencha” The deep richness and strong sweetness produced by limiting the amount of sunlight gives it a mild taste. "Matcha" A supporting role that summarizes the characteristics of deep steamed tea and kabuse tea well.
It's easy, but it's a real blend! There is no need to wash the tea strainer one by one, and you can enjoy the authentic blend of the tea shop. Take a break from housework and childcare, or refresh yourself while working from home. Treat yourself to a cup of tea in a tea bag every day. Because the tea leaves dance in the air layer, the aroma when brewing is different. HOT or ICE OK!
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Deep steamed dark tea with matcha tea bag Kokuuma blend 2.5g x 100p

Deep steamed dark tea with matcha tea bag Kokuuma blend 2.5g x 100p