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Limited Special Steamed Suruga Ichibanbo Tea Tea Leaves 120g Kukicha New Tea 2023



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Description of item

Name Green tea
Ingredient name Green tea (produced in Shizuoka Prefecture)

Contents 120g
The expiration date is specified separately on the product label.
Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory
Marushin Shibamoto Tea Co., Ltd.
262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Nitrogen filling/optimal temperature storage

[Product description] Suruga Ichiban-bo tea Limited special steamed Shizuoka prefecture Only freshly picked first tea leaves are used luxuriously Mizutama factory direct delivery A unique manufacturing method suppresses miscellaneous taste and bitterness to create a rich and deep flavor Among the first tea leaves, especially quick. We use tea leaves that are picked especially early even among first-class teas, which are sometimes called "highest grade stick tea" or "highest grade stem tea". The stem contains less caffeine than the leaves, and contains more amino acids that are the basis of umami and sweetness. It's picked early, so it's sweet. It has an aftertaste. Please try Suruga Ichiban-cha! The image changes Special steaming method with unique technology By steaming for a longer time than usual, the heat penetrates to the core of the stem, suppressing the unpleasant taste and bitterness, making the tea even more delicious.
It's very convenient because it can be used for both boiling and cold brewing! Introduction of delicious brewing methods Please prepare 5g of this product for one serving. It is easy to extract, so please replace the tea leaves after drinking 1-2 times. Kinkin ice cold water 500ml Refrigerate slowly for about 30 minutes. Since the amount of extraction changes depending on the temperature of the water, please adjust it to your liking and enjoy.
A specialist founded in 1902. Growing, picking, processing, roasting, packing and shipping. By centrally managing the process, we have succeeded in developing products with high quality and low prices. The land is created with the aim of becoming an organic farm, and the carefully harvested tea leaves are carefully processed in our own factory that has acquired organic JAS and JGAP certification. The experience and tradition of tea masters accumulated over more than 100 years are utilized.
Energize your day with green tea. Antioxidants: catechins, polyphenols. Calming: Theanine, an amino acid. Metabolism UP: caffeine, organic bases. Antioxidants: vitamins, organic compounds. Metabolism UP: Minerals, five major nutrients. My green tea habit that continues every morning. Suruga Ichibancha Shizuoka Prefecture Limited Special Steam Only freshly picked Ichibancha is used luxuriously Mizutama Farm Tea Factory Direct delivery Convenient Nekoposu delivery for peace of mind even when you are away during the day! The product you are currently viewing is [Free shipping nationwide] [Mailbox posting] [Delivery tracking OK] Will it be delivered from Yamato Transport?
*In case of multiple orders, it may be shipped by 2 Nekoposu or courier service. *Delivery method cannot be selected. We will leave it to you. * If it does not fit in the mailbox, there is a possibility that the absence list will be posted. All of the following items are not available. Thank you for your understanding and understanding. ×Gift delivery×Cash on delivery×Date and time designation×Face-to-face personal delivery×Baggage compensation×

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Limited Special Steamed Suruga Ichibanbo Tea Tea Leaves 120g Kukicha New Tea 2023

Limited Special Steamed Suruga Ichibanbo Tea Tea Leaves 120g Kukicha New Tea 2023

1 bag
3 bag set