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Low temperature aged Kuradashi tea 100g

PRODUCT TYPE: Tea leaves (leaf)


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Description of item

Name Green tea
Ingredient name Green tea (produced in Shizuoka Prefecture)

Contents 100g
The expiration date is specified separately on the product label.
Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory
Marushin Shibamoto Tea Co., Ltd.
262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Nitrogen filling/optimal temperature storage

[Product description] Low temperature aged Kuradashi tea 100g Tea leaf type Soft and rounded green tea from Shizuoka prefecture
Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, the home of tea. In Shizuoka Prefecture, which has magnificent nature and vast flatlands, tea making, which is generally done in mountainous areas, is done on flatlands and plateaus. Tea from the mountainous areas has a softer sunlight, so the light blue color is less turbid and has a milder taste. Therefore, Shizuoka Prefecture has developed its own processing called “deep steaming method”. The grand tea garden on the Makinohara plateau overlooking Mt. Fuji is a masterpiece. Rich, lush tea leaves await harvest.
The original rich taste and aroma of tea leaves. The feature of the deep steaming method is that it is steamed for a long time. By slowly steaming the thick, umami-rich tea leaves, the structure of the tea leaves is destroyed, and the bitterness is suppressed and mellowed, creating a high-quality tea that allows you to fully enjoy the rich taste and aroma. Antioxidants: catechins, polyphenols Calming: theanine, amino acids Metabolism UP: caffeine, organic bases Antioxidants: vitamins, organic compounds Metabolism UP: minerals, five major nutrients The deep steaming method makes it easier to extract those nutrients, so you can feel the effects of tea even more.
The flavor melts easily, so it's delicious even if you make it with cold water! Let's put it in my bottle in the summer! Round mouthfeel produced by low temperature aging. In a dedicated refrigerator that keeps the temperature low throughout the year, under strict quality control, the taste is exceptional. The deep richness of the deep steaming method and the rounded mouthfeel of low-temperature aging make it easy to drink even for those who are not good at green tea. Enjoy a new form of deep steaming method that pursues easy drinking.
Economical with 5g per serving, both HOT and ICE! HOT 80 degrees/30 seconds ICE 500ml/1 hour Perfect tea for work and relaxation. Refresh your head with caffeine, vitamins and minerals! You won't get tired of drinking it every day as a companion for freelance or remote work. Catechin, theanine, and vitamins help relieve fatigue during the day. Calm your mind between housework and childcare and refresh yourself deliciously!
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Low temperature aged Kuradashi tea 100g

Low temperature aged Kuradashi tea 100g

1 bag