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Selectable Gift Craft Flavor Tea



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Name selectable gift craft flavor tea
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[White box]
◆ Chamomile black tea Black tea (domestic), chamomile (domestic)
◆ Lemongrass Hojicha Green Tea (Domestic), Lemongrass (Domestic)
◆ Apple mint green tea green tea (domestic), apple mint (domestic)

[Blue Box]
◆ Apple mint black tea Black tea (domestic), apple mint (domestic)
◆ Lemongrass Green Tea Black Tea (Domestic), Lemongrass (Domestic)
◆ Chamomile oolong tea Oolong tea (domestic), chamomile (domestic)

[Pink Box]
◆Lemongrass oolong tea Lemongrass (domestic), oolong tea (domestic)
◆ Chamomile green tea green tea (domestic), chamomile (domestic)
◆ Apple mint roasted green tea (domestic), apple mint (domestic)

[Gray box]
◆ Chamomile Hojicha Hojicha (Domestic), Chamomile (Domestic)
◆ Lemongrass black tea Black tea (domestic), lemongrass (domestic)
◆ Apple mint oolong tea Oolong tea (domestic), apple mint (domestic)

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: [Mizuhiki] Summer Visit
: [Mizuhiki] Thanks
: [Mizuhiki] Celebration
: [Mizuhiki] family celebration
: [Mizuhiki] Happy Birthday
: [Mizuhiki] Gratitude
: [Mizuhiki] Thank you for your help
: [Mizuhiki] Gift
: [Mizuhiki] Congratulations
: [Mizuhiki] Thank you
: [Navy] Thank you
: [Flower] Thank you for everything
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Contents 2.5g x 14 Expiration date Separately stated on the product label Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory Marushin Shibamoto Tea Co., Ltd. 262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture
How to Save Avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight, and store in a cool and dark place. Please be careful of the scent.

[Product Description] Choose a gift! Craft flavor tea 4 kinds of combination
The tea brewed with tea leaves has a strong aroma and a richer flavor. However, it is very troublesome to clean up afterwards. However, the usual rectangular tea bags don't have the original flavor of tea. That's why! Craft flavor tea is a nice tetra tea bag. Delicious tea leaves spread in a spacious triangular space
Feel free to give and enjoy "with string" tetra tea bag A cute craft box that will surely please you if you give it to a small celebration! White, gray, blue and pink are available in a balanced combination.
1/ White Box The combination of chamomile black tea, lemongrass roasted tea, and apple mint green tea has a sweet and fragrant taste with a refreshing aftertaste, making it the perfect balance when you want to calm your mind. 2/ Blue Box Apple mint black tea, lemongrass green tea, and chamomile oolong tea are a light tea gift with a fresh aroma and a clear aftertaste. 3/ Pink Box A set of lemongrass oolong tea, chamomile green tea, and apple mint roasted tea is gorgeous and full of vitality, and goes well with sweets. If you take a bite, there is no doubt that you will be immersed in a rich aftertaste. 4/ The combination of chamomile roasted tea, lemongrass black tea, and apple mint oolong tea is a refreshing gift that brings out the goodness of the tea leaves with a refreshing sweetness and gentle aroma.
A blend of herbs carefully grown in our own garden. We are working on pesticide-free cultivation in our own garden because we want you to enjoy it with peace of mind. We do everything ourselves, from harvesting to processing, and you can enjoy the rich flavor of the ingredients without adding fragrance.
For busy “parenting families” every day. Breastfeeding moms should try low-caffeine oolong tea or hojicha blend. Green tea or Japanese black tea blend for dads who want to switch from work to childcare. You can enjoy it hot or cold, and the easy-to-clean tea bag is the perfect gift for families raising children!
Even out of water, it's delicious. Tea leaves dance in a triangular bag, so you can enjoy it immediately. Put one ICE tea bag into a bottle, pour 500ml of water, and let it brew in the refrigerator for about an hour. Place one HOT tea bag in a mug or bottle, pour 300ml of hot water and brew for 1 minute. It is recommended that the temperature of the hot water is about 90 degrees!

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Selectable Gift Craft Flavor Tea

Selectable Gift Craft Flavor Tea

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