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Gift Set Hinomaru Black Tea, Koikogane, Limited Special Steamed First Tea Set

PRODUCT TYPE: Tea leaves (leaf)


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Name Green tea/Japanese black tea set
Ingredient name: Tea (from Shizuoka Prefecture)

Contents: 100g x 3 bags
Best before date: Separately stated on the product label
Manufacturer Mizutama Farm Tea Factory
Marushin Shiba Seicha Co., Ltd.
262 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

[Product description] Limited manufacturing method Specially selected tea leaves gift set Noshi OK? Cold brew OK!!
Both green tea and black tea are 100% produced in Shizuoka Prefecture and are produced and processed in Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, which boasts the largest production of tea in Japan. With a large tea plantation on the vast Makinohara Plateau, a scenic location overlooking Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay, and one of the best annual sunshine hours in the country, it is warm and comfortable, making it the most suitable place for tea cultivation.
Deep-steamed Ichibancha is about 6 times more than regular Sencha and made with great care. Tea leaves that have been steamed deeply and thoroughly make it easier for the nutrients to dissolve, and you can enjoy the important nutrients of tea as it is. The result is an elegant tea that brings out the refreshing aroma and rich sweetness unique to Ichibancha. HOT approx. 80℃ 300ml ICE cold water of your choice 500ml
Koikogane Because we use tea buds that are harvested at the earliest of all Ichibancha varieties, we purposely pick them before they grow to a lush green color, resulting in golden brown tea leaves. This precious high-grade tea, which accounts for less than 0.101% of the total harvest from our garden, is popular for its extremely sweet, aromatic, and gentle texture. HOT approx. 60℃ 300ml ICE cold water of your choice 500ml
Hinomaru Black Tea A purely domestic Japanese black tea made by fully fermenting green tea grown in Shizuoka Prefecture. Compared to varieties grown overseas for black tea, it has a slightly sweeter, mellow texture. The limited manufacturing method, which involves a complicated process by hand, is filled with the special techniques that we are proud of. HOT approx. 90℃ 300ml cold water of your choice 500ml
Reason for Recommendation 1: You can enjoy both green tea and black tea with just 5g per serving. Both hot and cold tea can be brewed without changing the number of grams, so you can always enjoy the same taste. The high-quality Shizuoka Prefecture sake is delicious until the second brew. By increasing the temperature little by little, you can enjoy the second and subsequent brews with a different flavor from the first. The first brew is light and the second brew has a flower-like aroma. Please enjoy all the goodness of Shizuoka Prefecture tea leaves. There is a perfect recipe on the back of the package. I want it to be as delicious as possible, but since it's a gift, I can't give you a website with the price... There's no need to worry. The optimal temperature and steaming time are listed on the package.
Reason 2: Wrapping paper service perfect for gifts. This gorgeous cherry blossom pattern wrapping paper will make you smile no matter when you receive it, whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter. Available for ¥0. Furthermore, the item will be shipped in a waterproof bag over the wrapping paper. We can deliver with confidence even in sudden changes in the weather. Noshi service tailored to your needs. Unlike fresh sweets and fruits, tea can be enjoyed slowly and is perfect as a gift. You can use Noshi printed to suit your needs for ¥0.
Recommended reason 3: Deliciousness is the most important thing. Dark color, deep, sweet and delicious! This taste is the best at this price. Making delicious tea is surprisingly difficult. For over 100 years, our farm has been working diligently to produce delicious tea in our hometown of Shizuoka. It is the "deliciousness" that is backed by a history that has been steadily accumulated.
Limited production method specially selected tea leaves gift set *The color of the tea leaves may vary slightly depending on the computer or smartphone you are viewing. Thank you for your understanding. *If you require noshi or wrapping paper, please do not forget to write it down when ordering. *The wrapping paper will have the same pink cherry blossom pattern for both auspicious and mourning occasions.

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Gift Set Hinomaru Black Tea, Koikogane, Limited Special Steamed First Tea Set

Gift Set Hinomaru Black Tea, Koikogane, Limited Special Steamed First Tea Set